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The household plunger is frequently the first defense mechanism used to unclog a toilet. Before using a plunger you will want to turn off the toilet’s water shut-off valve. Turning off the emergency shut-off valve will prevent accidental flushes, which can lead to an overflow. Once you have the water turned off, you are ready to unclog the clogged toilet. The rubber end of the plunger should be soft, flexible and have no cracks. To unclog, place the rubber end of the plunger over the clog and push down with a fair amount of pressure. The clog should eventually break, allowing the water to drain. For more methods please check out

A video camera pipe inspection allows for a real-time visual inspection of underground sewer lines and other piping in order to determine the condition inside the pipe. This state-of-the art technology uses a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution video camera on the tip that transmits images back to the camera operator who can make an informed diagnosis of any problems found. As the cable is inserted through the pipe, equipped with powerful lights it is able to record its findings which can be saved to CD for a permanent record. Our professionally trained technicians are able to pinpoint problems with broken, cracked or collapsed drains that require repair or replacement.

There are several things that could cause low water pressure, including a partially closed or malfunctioning shut off valve, a crimped water line, or deposits that gather in older galvanized pipes. If your neighbors have strong water pressure, the problem is most likely between the water meter and your home. A qualified Drainmasters plumbing technician will be able to identify the problem and explain your options.

Leaks are commonly found in toilet tanks, resulting from worn parts or improper alignment of a part of the flushing mechanism. Stop these leaks right away because they’ll add up in your monthly utilities.

First, turn off your water supply at the main shut-off valve. As a homeowner it’s important to know where this is located and educate your family member as well. Second Always contact a plumbing professional plumber to deal with such emergencies. Don’t touch any wet electrical fittings.

Absolutely. Consider this, a failure at 70 pounds of pressure can expel up to 650 gallons of water per hour. That’s what you could be faced with if your washing machine hose fails. The problem is that most washing machine hoses are poorly constructed and offer very little in the way of protection. Also, washing machine hoses are usually made of reinforced rubber, which can lose resiliency and burst as it gets older. To reduce the chances that your hoses will fail, it’s a good idea to inspect your washing machine hoses regularly, and to take steps to minimize the factors that can cause damage. Invest money in new washing machine hoses, and you’ll be taking an important step toward avoiding costly damage, mess, inconvenience and the loss of items that could never be replaced. For more information you can contact a technician at Drainmasters and we will be more than happy to help you. We can also tell you about other products, such as water hammer arrestors, which may lessen the chances of washing machine hoses breaking.

Drain cleaners are usually very toxic, not a good thing to keep around the home especially if you have children or pets. These toxic chemicals also have a negative effect on your pipes, causing deterioration from the inside out. When this happens, the drains lines will need to be replaced. There are various products on the market that contain “friendly” bacteria and enzymes. These work great for keeping drain sludge and grease from building up on the pipes. For serious clogs always contact a professional. Our technicians are standing by to help you with your problem.

To get the most bang for your buck, a kitchen and bath remodel would be best.  Kitchen and bath remodels provide the best return when selling you home.  Also, the kitchen is generally the area of your home where you will spend the most time, whether cooking or entertaining.

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We do a lot of work in Hospitals and healthcare facilities, but we have still yet to perform open heart surgery.

You may have many talents and you probably could do a lot of things yourself, but we are professionals and this is what we do.  We will be able to complete the work more efficiently in terms of both cost and time and provide a better overall quality of workmanship.

By not knowing the proper steps to complete a project, do-it-yourselfers can cause more damage than good, buy too many supplies or the wrong supplies, or damage things along the way that cause the project to cost more than having a professional do it properly.  Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Not seeing what you were looking for? Get in contact with us -- we can discuss the goals you have for your projects and see how we can help you. Also note all of our answers are general suggestions and should be performed by professionals. Try at your own risk.

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